How to Choose Handles for Your Kitchen Cabinet


Cabinet handle is indeed the smallest part of the furniture. This is the reason why when you do want to renovate your kitchen or to repair your cabinet, you may overlook the handle and decide to deal with it latter. It is true that the handle may be small; however, its appearance can actually affect the overall appearance of your cabinet as well as your kitchen. Remember that your cabinet has not only one handle, it may have tens of handles attached on its many parts. Because there are many handles that your cabinet has, your kitchen will look weird if its cabinet has bizarre looking handles. Therefore, when you do kitchen renovation, don’t forget to include the replacement of your cabinet handles in your planning.

A handle is not the only part of a cabinet that is used to open and close it. Some cabinets may have knobs or pulls in place of handles. For this reason, when you remodel your cabinet, you have to decide whether to use handles, knobs or pulls. Although the difference of the three is not very significant, their look is indeed very different. If you don’t know how to choose the right part for opening your cabinet, you can try to see other metallic objects that you have at your kitchen, such as faucets and hooks. You can see how those metallic objects look and find cabinet handles, knobs or pulls that can be paired visually with them. You can also use this strategy to determine the material from which the handles are made. If the faucet is made from stainless steel, you can buy stainless steel handles instead of ones made from wrought iron.